The Pouring Hotties of VihuelaI will not be able to make it for my annual pilgrimage to the wonderful Paso Robles Wine Festival this year!

As it turns out, I’m going to have knee surgery which will suck up my sick/personal time at the day job, leaving no time available to visit Paso for one of my favorite events.

Just like wine events all over, the Wine Festival consists of winery activities throughout the long weekend, with the “Grand Tasting” on Saturday afternoon. Last year, we took a lot of video, did interviews, photographed everything, and had a wonderful time. This year, circumstances just won’t cooperate. Dang it.

However, I had a thought (dangerous), and wanted to make a request of anyone who’s going this year.

If you have pictures that you take and want to share with everyone, please send them my way at info(at)vegaswineaux(dot)com. I’ll post a slideshow of the best and showcase them right here. Even better, if you want to be a guest author to tell about your Wine Festival adventures, then the stage is yours! I can vicariously enjoy your fun weekend, and still be able to share the special-ness of the Wine Festival to all readers. And you’ll get to be a star (more or less) in front of the whole world!

And just because I’m not going to the Wine Festival (or Vegas Uncork’d – boo hoo) doesn’t mean that I don’t have plans in the making. There are a lot of Central Coast events and activities coming up at the end of September and for each weekend in October. There are a few that are brand new, and if I’ve hit the lottery by then, I’m going to each and every one. Reality, on the other hand, says that I’d better pick one and be happy with it. Dang it again.

For those of you who are going to the Paso Robles Wine Festival, I send you off with best wishes, envy, and hopes that you remember to keep the shutter clicking!

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