Back at the apartment, enjoying some Tablas Creek!
Back at the apartment, enjoying some Tablas Creek!

This will be short and sweet.

The largest winery in Paso Robles isn’t one of the massive wineries such as DAOU, Tooth & Nail, or even Villa San-Juliette. It’s not even a winery, at least not technically.

It would be more accurate to say that this winery is actually a retail space, but it’s a great place to purchase many of the Paso Robles wines that you may want but don’t have time to stop and visit the wineries of origin.

This miraculous place would be Albertson’s located at 189 Niblick Road, near the onramp of the 101 near River Road.  They have an amazing selection of local wines, and I took the time to pick up some (only some – The Budget™ was having a tantrum) of my favorites, places I wanted to go to, and a couple of “I wonder what that is?” wines.

I’m not the only one who has discovered the treasures here. Don and Mark (The Boyz™) gave me the heads up about the place when The Wineaux Guy™ and I stopped here in March and hung out with Frolicking Frog (they were tasting) and were blown away by the number of local wines in stock.

During the Wine Festival weekend, I knew I wouldn’t have time to stop at Tablas Creek, Halter Ranch, J Dusi, or Tobin James, but I was able to purchase a bunch of their wines – primarily Reds and Rosés – that I could enjoy once I returned home.  Since it was later in the evening, by the way, I saw several deer in downtown Paso (!!!) and initially mistook them for Greyhounds. You will not find deer in downtown Las Vegas. Or anywhere in Vegas for that matter.

So even though the winery experience cannot be surpassed by a grocery store, if you are running short of time but long on desire to visit more wineries and buy wines, this is a great choice!




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