About a year and a half or so ago I wrote a review on Vertical, Rex Pickett’s second book of the Sideways trilogy. I loved it, and loved the third book, Sideways 3, Chile, even more.

Miles and Jack were back, and, accompanied by Miles’ mother and her caretaker, set out on an adventure to Oregon, to the International Pinot Noir Celebration (which is in my 2018 bucket list, by the way) in Willamette.  As  I noted then, it was a darker story than Sideways and was worthy of its own movie.  I ranted a bit about that but accepted the foibles of Hollywood for what they are: incomprehensible.

When I was approached this summer with an offer to read and review the updated version of Vertical, now entitled Vertical: Passion and Pinot on the Oregon Wine Trail, I jumped at the chance.  Unfortunately, it came in the middle of escrow/moving/fixer uppering/craziness, and it’s sat on an end table for the last couple of months.

Since my last major bits around the house and socially have been completed – to be continued in late winter/early spring when The Budget™ has been repleted – I decided that it was finally time to sit down and read and review the book.

I’ve not really started yet, but a quick flip through the book doesn’t show an immediately perceptible difference from the original so far. So that means that I have to sit down and read the whole thing again.


Rex Pickett is a writer whose prose I love – his use of the language is extraordinary and makes for pleasurable reading for a logophile like me.

So as I kick back later today with a pen and notebook, the iPad set onto Dictionary.com (a must with Rex Pickett’s books), a Pinot Noir TBD, and, of course, the book, I will reenter another adventure with Miles and Jack.

Stay tuned for the full review.




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