PNFS* – And There’s More Just for Locals!


Locals – You Think This Is a Pain Now…

Because I tend to mosey in a very limited travel space, I don’t necessarily notice that there are other projects going on. In October, I wrote about the ongoing frustration with the Project Neon never-ending construction project from hell (*PNFS – Project Neon Fatigue Syndrome) and learned that’s not the only the one. And it may never end.

A Project Neon, um, Project
A Project Neon, um, Project

Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) recently released a news story letting people know that all of the construction is worth it. There are more projects in the pipeline, and we’re going to be inundated. Get used to it. It’s good for the economy and for jobs.

Okay. Whatever.

According to NDOT, because of the state’s population growth, the infrastructure is in need of constant and ongoing maintenance. This is not only for current locals, but also for those who will be making Nevada their home in the years to come.

Project Neon has been bad enough, but the rest… I can’t roll my eyes back in my head far enough.

Did you know that Reno/Sparks will soon have its own Spaghetti Bowl? Who knew! Should we warn them?


Vegas Wineaux
Vegas Wineaux
Life now, especially after leaving the day job, is even crazier! I hope that you continue to follow and enjoy the wine and Vegas news!


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