A few years ago, I wrote on my now retired website, MirePoix Vegas, that the food industry, frankly my dear, does not care about you. Not one whit.

By “food industry,” I’m talking about the big biotech, agribusiness, chemical, factory farming, etc., groups that are poisoning you every day so that they can make a buck off of you. And when you keel over from some unknown disease way before your time, well, they will simply step over your carcass and poison whoever’s next in line.

Am I being a little dramatic and opinionated? Me? Not at all. I’m just calling it the way that I see it, and will no doubt go up against those who tell me I’m being “unscientific” and “giving in to hysteria.”


I’m game.

The Safety of Cigarettes, circa 1949

You remember (if you’re old enough) how 9 out of 10 doctors smoke Camels. That’s when cigarettes were “healthy.” Naturally, when it was discovered – officially and scientifically – that cigarettes were not only unhealthy, but potentially fatal, big tobacco flew in with coverup after coverup. Eventually, cigarette smoking was banned indoors and anywhere there’s a danger of second-hand smoke. (As an aside, I had a friend who was a heavy smoker, and his non-smoking wife developed emphysema and eventually died from it).

Despite all of the ever-mounting evidence – from non-industry studies, which is important to remember – Big Tobacco still claimed that its products were not harmful. Yeah. Whatever.

They had the reaction that you’d expect from any big corporation threatened by a small outlier.

They freaked.

Dr. Bennet Omalu

Did you see the movie Concussion in 2015 starring Will Smith? Although there is a little artistic license in it, it’s pretty accurate. Dr. Bennett Omalu – who has more degrees than a thermometer – was said to be practicing “voodoo” medicine when he discovered the cause of the death of Mike Webster. The paper he co-authored brought down the full wrath and fury of the NFL, and they pressured him to retract it.

As in all of these types of situations, the NFL’s industry-funded research tended to “prove” that their product was safe – unless it didn’t, in which case it wasn’t even entered for publication – and what’s all the fuss anyway.

Which brings me back to the beginning.

As of the 2000s, there are more overweight/obese people than there are people with healthy weights.  If you take a look at the article Obesity Rates & Trends Overview, you will see how we’ve slowly been strangled by our own ever-ballooning bodies.

So what has happened?  Biotech is what has happened, and the chemical – CHEMICAL! – companies that have beset the food industry in the United States. We are being poisoned, and our fat, unhealthy bodies and chronic sicknesses are showing it.

Whether it’s the Genetically Modified Organisms that we eat that have nothing to do with the food we were created/evolved with, or the massive amounts of “safe as water” herbicides used to kill the weeds – that are turning into “superweeds” and requiring even more poison to kill them – Big “Whatever” doesn’t care what their products do for you. They make enough money to be able to pay off your piddling little lawsuits.

How dangerous are their products? Well, glyphosate, the main ingredient in RoundUp and in commercial herbicides used to kill weeds, is slowly but surely wiping out milkweed, the only food of the Monarch butterfly. Yes, folks, we may see the extinction of the Monarch butterfly in our lifetime.

Not only that, but several types of bees – BEES – are on the endangered list. Bees are dying in the millions, and it seems that only the grassroots care.

We were sold the bill of goods that GMOs would be good for us. That’s why they developed “RoundUp ready” crops, those that could resist being killed by RoundUp chemicals, and therefore there would be less use of these chemicals and things would be better.



They implant a poison – meant to blow up the insides of pests – into the DNA of a food crop as a type of pesticide, and drench these crops that we eat with millions of gallons of herbicides. We eat this stuff and feed it to our children. Is there any wonder why we Americans are dead last in health and longevity compared to other first world countries? And why, for the first time ever, our children’s life span is shortening compared to previous generations of Americans?

They must think that we’re a special kind of stupid to believe that what they want to sell us is “better food.” What they want is for us to do is to shut up and eat.












Here’s a link to one of my rants here on Vegas Wineaux. Dying to Eat – What Wine Pairs with Frankenfood?



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