As we wind down this extremely busy, emotional, and sometimes wrenching year, I realized that despite all of that, I still need to take the time to write about wine.  And so I’m back!  And will be hanging around for quite some time.

Let’s just say that this year, with the deaths of a couple of young women in my life – one of whom was a member of the Vegas Wineaux Wine Club, a cancer diagnosis of a cherished relative, hospitalizations, retirements of valued coworkers, etc., has kept me rocked back on my heels.  Now that there is an eye of calm in the chaos, I needed to get back to writing about stuff.  As I write now, it is early on a Sunday evening, and I’m feeling relaxed.  This has been rare!

The photo in this week’s post will give you a little idea of what I’ve been doing.  I’ve lost a bit of weight (with quite a bit left to go) by adding in lots of raw fresh fruits and vegetables to my diet.  The photo shows two types of kale, peppers, cashews, beets with greens, garlic, ginger, and more – all organic. My breakfast and lunch over the next few days. While sitting back and just recovering from each daily crisis, I watched two movies over the last couple of months:  Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and Food Matters.


So how could I take what I learned in these movies and incorporate the lessons into my own life with wine?  Well, it took a little doing, but it works! Let’s face it, we mostly pair wine with some sort of animal protein, be it seafood or land food.  Since most of my diet is now vegetable, I had to figure out how to pair wonderful wines with these dishes, and I’ve been pretty successful.  Of course, I still have my whites and rosés for my seafood dishes, and my rosés and reds for my dark meat poultry and red meat dishes.

Me? A vegetarian?  No.  But I’ve decided that having more of a plant-based diet along with a more balanced life is good for me, and my body is agreeing with me by losing over 20 pounds in two months.  I’ve watched my blood pressure slowly but surely lower (despite intense stress at work) and have found it easier to exercise! My new motto: I Will Be Hot Again!

Coming up soon will be a quick rehash of some of the wine events I’ve attended, reviews of wines (including a couple of Paso Robles rosés – yum), and the usual chit chat. “Chit Chat” is a very good thing!

So I’m definitely back, and I promise not to stay away so long again.

So. What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

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