Let me explain.

It is now Sunday evening.  On Wednesday morning I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee – finally.  A long-lingering meniscus problem was finally dealt with, and I’m sitting here on my recliner with leg thrown over the arm of my recliner while I heal.  Makes for interesting typing on the keyboard since contortions aren’t usually my thing.  During the course of the last few days, I’ve made the following observations:

  1. Having a new puppy to take care during the course of my convalescence isn’t all that bad. Especially since said puppy made it perfectly clear that he’d rather eat the vet than stay in the boarding kennel. Long story.  By the way, the “puppy” is a nine-month-old, 60 pound purebred Belgian Malinois. Google the breed and you’ll see the handful of doggie drama I potentially got myself into.
  2. I’ve watched more tv during the past few days than I have cumulatively during my entire life to date … at least that’s how it feels! I’m amazed at what passes for programming.
  3. Direct TV, for instance, has a new commercial starring a “Russian” man. From what I can tell, this man is supposed to be sexy. At least rich (which, to some women means the same thing; but I digress). Russian men (as seen on tv) aren’t sexy. They always look as if they’d pop a cap in you on a moment’s notice, they could swill vodka by the gallon, personal hygiene is optional, and they wallow in the whole “bad boy chic” thing. No heart pitter-pats here.
  4. National Geographic, Food Network, Animal Planet, and the Cooking Channel rock. MTV – Music to Vomit By – remains pretty much the same.
  5. While I’ve enjoyed watching The Dog Whisperer, I’ve come to the conclusion that yappy little annoying chihuahuas serve no functional purpose in life and can’t possibly be called dogs.  Apologies to those out there who actually like them.
  6. When you’ve had enough pain medication, watching a focused Belgian Malinois puppy surgically remove the stuffing from a toy penguin can be incredibly fascinating. Watching said stuffing puffs float over the floor is a great deal less fascinating.
  7. Naps can be random and can attack at any time.
  8. Ice packs are your friend.
  9. Belgian Malinois and cork collections make a bad (and messy) combination. Another long story that required interesting contortions to clean up.  Now I know that cork is indeed fiber.
  10. It’s summer, it’s hot, and no matter what, in my opinion white wine is still second fiddle. I discovered that the 2006 Vines on the Marycrest ‘Round Midnight, nicely chilled, makes a luscious and decadent summer drink when the temperature is high, the AC is blowing, and the meds unneeded. The mouthfeel is incredible – almost sensual – and makes for a pleasant pairing with just about any summer dish. Chilled red wine is a wonderful thing. Okay, if you must know … Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon.  Yummy to the nth degree.
  11. Jake, like me, enjoys watching The Dog Whisperer. And I mean watching it. It’s amazing and entertaining. He also likes CSI Miami – at least the theme song. Go figure.
  12. Regarding the title of today’s post, the Cooking Channel has a program called “Drink Up,” where a bartender/mixologist focuses on a particular adult beverage on each weekly episode. Last week’s episode was about Vodka and some parts of it annoyed me enough to talk about it. I was a bartender in Southern California for several years and in my usually OCD manner, focused on the features of each of the primary spirits (Vodka, Gin, Whiskey/Whisky, Rum, and Tequila) and have worked to maintain my knowledge on them ever since. As always, I have an opinion and need to share it.I don’t know if I’ll get to that today, but I’m having a relaxed time (finally) just letting nature take its course while my knee heals.
  13. With that being said, “flavored” vodkas tend to gag my purist’s soul.  And Gin without juniper berries is merely flavored vodka.

Stay tuned for more.  I have to go do a few sit ups and knee curls so that I can tackle actual walking this week.  I wasn’t gifted with crutches or a cane, so I’m required to do this sans extra assistance. I will be doing updates on the site, on the Vegas Wineaux Wine Club site, and will be added new images on the Gallery.

Thanks for hanging in there as my life slowly gets back to what passes as normal.



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