Sample Policy

While my reviews focus primarily on wines I have purchased, received as gifts, are part of a wine club shipment, etc., I accept samples for tasting and review. The following are my guidelines:

  • I will note any wines received as samples in my report. Sending a sample does not guarantee that I will write about it. While I will write a negative review if the quality of the wine calls for it, I will contact the winery/distributor directly if I feel that the bottle is flawed. Before I make contact, I will confirm that suspicion with a fellow sommelier or other professional. I will always write a review if the wine is outstanding.
  • My report will include information about the retail availability of the wine, as well as options to order directly from the winery or online retail outlet. Please supply all resources available to the customer when sending the wine if possible. Including photos or shelf-talkers is a nice touch, but I often do my own photography to display the wine.
  • Because of the legendary heat of the Las Vegas summers, I strongly discourage sending wines during July and August. While my shipping address is an air-conditioned business with adult supervision, it’s not worth the risk of having a fine wine damaged by the infamous Vegas summer temps.
  • While I discourage sending samples without prior notice, an email notification after the fact will suffice for adequate notice. Please be sure to include the shipper’s tracking number. I will acknowledge any receipt of a sample to the sender via a provided email address, whether or not I ultimately decide to write about it.

I actively seek presentation opportunities as a media guest reporter/wine blogger to wine events, tastings, and other events related to wine, beer, spirits, or other adult beverages to share the experiences with my readers. I try to visit wineries or breweries in order to interview winemakers, brewmasters, owners, and other personnel so that I may share their insights and views as well. Currently, my primary interest and focus are in the Central Coast region of California as well as events in Greater Las Vegas, but I am open to other opportunities.

I have listed my contact and shipping information below if you have questions or need follow-up details.

Irene King
Phone number upon written email request

840 S. Rancho Drive
Suite 4-228
Las Vegas, NV 89106

Thank you for your interest in Vegas Wineaux wine reviews.