Are you interested in an instructor or speaker for your wine group? The information below will give you the options you may need to make it happen!

Vegas Wineaux Services

Tasting Wine

Perhaps you are a part of a group that needs to learn more about wine or who requires an accomplished and experienced presenter. Then you might consider an in-person home party, presentation, or class series! Irene is an experienced, dynamic, and accomplished speaker, presenter, and Toastmaster (Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest award) who loves speaking about her favorite subject, Wine! She will come to your home, business, or gathering and speak to your group. Just drop her a line if you need someone to present to your group, function, convention, or other gatherings.

Irene is available to speak on a variety of wine-related at home and business events, including:

Neophyte to Wine Snob

Irene will present a lively discussion of the most common wine etiquette issues facing the wine Neophyte. She will talk about everything from how to hold a wine glass, what do Swirling and Sniffing accomplish, what are those smells you’re smelling and those tastes you’re tasting, and the basics of winery/wine tasting etiquette.

Wine Tending

Sort of like bartending, but with wine!  Too many regular bartenders don’t know enough about wines to be conversant about them or to be able to impart solid information or answer questions guests may have.  Well, this is where Vegas Wineaux shines!  Not only does Irene have nearly a decade of bartending experience, but her wine knowledge is already well established.

Are the holidays approaching, and you’d like to do something a little different?  Entertaining on your patio in the summer and want to have the wine pouring and information taken care of by a knowledgeable person?  Planning a wine theme for your wedding reception, community event, trade seminar, or staff training? Need a “Winetender” for your event? Contact Irene at Vegas Wineaux for information and for assistance in helping plan for your event!

Home Wine Bar Setup

If you’d like to have a nice home wine bar where you can easily entertain guests, or you’d like to be able to snag a few glasses and a suitable bottle of wine for casual moments, then you may want to contact Vegas Wineaux to help you set up your home wine bar!  Already a veteran of bar setups, Irene can give you a few pointers, whether you’d like to have a small collection of glasses for those special guests or if you’d like to begin the first steps to an extensive cellar collection.  Be sure to contact Irene if you have any questions!

And special with Vegas Wineaux:

The Wine-Free Wine Class!

We focus on the skills of wine drinking, including swirling, sniffing, sipping, and spitting. We also discuss winery etiquette, what tastings are about, the wine mystique, how to tackle a restaurant wine list, and more! If you are in an environment where wine is not permitted (think schools, churches, or nonprofits), or you just want to get a handle on the skills of drinking wine, then contact Vegas Wineaux for the Wine-Free Wine Class!