I know, I know, I know. It’s been a while.

One View of the Day Job

As many of you know, I retired from The Day Job™ in May. While I did some posting after that, I took a summer break beginning in August.

Why? Because after working at one day job or another for nearly five decades, my body had a talk with me, and for once, I listened. 

After my last posting, I rested. I did the stuff that I haven’t done in years, including sleeping in, eating in bed (which didn’t last long because ew), early morning walks without looking at the watch, having more than one cup of coffee in the morning, and actually sitting down and watching the morning news. Which, in my case, is always the Weather Channel. The other kind gives me a headache.

Paso Robles

I did some traveling, some socializing, lots of wine tasting, rediscovered my love of art, started my Great American Novel, and began renovating my office. But, unfortunately, I did almost no wine studying. As a result, I rescheduled my planned WSET 3 exam from August to next March. Actually, I could have passed (I’m sure), but like with WSET 2, I want to pass with Distinction. It’s kind of an obsession. Correction. It is an obsession.

So what’s going on now in my life? In a word, reboot. Reset. You know it feels when you’ve had a great nap and wake up refreshed? Yeah. That.

I’m feeling very Zen, and my blood pressure is finally into the normal zone, which is always a good thing. Now that I’m feeling better, there’s lots of stuff to do. The next couple of weeks will see me catching up on a crapload of notes that I’ve put together over the summer. 

Ah. The Pool. Where I Was A Lot This Summer!

Okay. So I wasn’t a complete slacker!

And family updates: everyone is well, including the Offspring™, Tough Ol’ Broad™, and The Wineaux Guy™. 

Bubble, Bubble…

While I try to wade my way through my largely incomprehensible scribble, I wanted to let y’all know that all is pretty much well. Folks, friends, and all.

And in retirement, every day is a Saturday!



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