Judgment of Paris Wines
Judgment of Paris Wines

Although I may never meet him, the opportunity to showcase Steven Spurrier’s current life was too good to pass up.

Steven Spurrier, you oenophiles may recall, is the gentleman whose efforts resulted in the famous (or notorious if you’re a francophile) Judgment of Paris, fictionalized in the light comedy Bottle Shock.

When Munchies – the food channel on the Vice family of channels – reached out to me to display this video on my site, I jumped at the opportunity.  Steven Spurrier is a legend in the wine world, particularly in California. He single-handedly – along with the finest palates in France – brought California wine to the world’s consciousness, thereby giving credibility to New World wines overall. Let’s just say that it wasn’t a happy moment for the finest palates in France.

I’ve always been an advocate of knowing the difference between wine tasting and wine drinking, and Mr. Spurrier goes into detail about the differences here, his British presence giving a credibility that I’d probably struggle to portray. Of course there’s more to the video, including the fallout and initial personal price he paid from the Judgment of Paris results, his current activities including a new winery, and it’s all entertaining and informative.

The one thing that really surprised me is the fact that Mr. Spurrier was quite a young man – about 34 years old – when he organized the France vs. California tasting.  He was portrayed in the film by Alan Rickman, who’s only a few years younger than Mr. Spurrier, giving the impression that the tasting was created by a much older man. Mr. Spurrier is 74 and Mr. Rickman is 69.

Enjoy the video, and visit Munchies if you get an opportunity. I enjoyed a lot of the videos and articles on the site and plan on showcasing others in the future.  Meanwhile, enjoy!


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