Okay. This is a rant. A short rant, but a rant, nevertheless.

Rare old wines

I love going to wine tastings, and I don’t get to go to all of those that I’d like. It doesn’t matter if they’re free or paid, I enjoy every opportunity I can get to taste wines.

When I’m tasting more expensive wines, I really love the opportunity to “get into” the nose, the flavors, the finish, etc., of each wine. Those rare occasions when I taste an old and carefully curated wine are especially wonderful. Naturally, when I’m tasting wine in a large group, the opportunity to share with others is a special thing.

Except when someone decides to pollute my ethereal wine experience with their cologne. I mean really people.

I have been called rude when I move away from someone who’s smelly at a wine tasting. Every now and then I’ll make a comment along the lines of “Someone’s reeking of perfume. I need to smell just the wine,” “Someone smells like Sears,” “That smell can’t possibly be the wine,” or words of that nature.

Rude? I think not.

What’s rude is expecting everyone to enjoy your perfume/cologne, which apparently makes it okay for you to wear. When I’m nosing a wine, I don’t necessarily expect notes of woodsy moss, ambergris, and cigar smoke. Especially if it’s a Chablis.

Now, lest you think that I’m anti-personal fragrance, let me set the record straight. I have several colognes, and they’re fine (read pricey) examples of high-end fragrances. However, I only wear them during special times, i.e., dates with The Wineaux Guy™ when we’re just enjoying each other’s company. I do not wear any of them, however, if we’re enjoying an especially fine wine together. Especially if we’re with a group of like-minded wine folks.

Here’s my advice:  if you’re going to a wine tasting, leave the Chanel at home, okay? I like Chanel, by the way. Just not standing next to me when I’m inhaling a thirteen-year-old Bordeaux. Got it?

Rant over. Or, more accurately, on hold until the next time.


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