When I moved into my new condo, there were vibrant, electrifying colors everywhere! Unfortunately, I didn’t like any of them. I’ve spent the last two months planning, painting, wallpapering, repainting, cursing, hanging shelves, rearranging, blah blah blah.  I think I’m done enough (yes, I meant to say it that way. I’m *done*!)  There are still a few things that I want to do and projects I want to complete, but I can relax and enjoy the HGTV haven I’ve made for myself.

My inner Bob Vila is finally sauntering off to hibernate while I get back to having an actual life.  The Wineaux Guy finally was allowed to come visit and see the results of my work (what?!? have him come in early before I’d finished stressing over every last detail?!? perish the thought!)

Of course, during this time I haven’t exactly been wine-free.  I have spent some time sipping and enjoying some extraordinary wines in various celebratory times (Yay! I finished hanging my posters (painting a wall, wallpapering a room, hanging a curtain)! Time for wine!) and have stopped to make notes about a few of them.  Yummy wines from Paso Robles, Napa, and Italy!

When the Wineaux Guy was here, we went out to eat and made reviews of restaurants as well.  So watch for at least one review, more if I can get him to write stuff.

So I’m in the process of doing a lot of writing in order to catch up since I’ve been such a slacker in the posting arena. (Do I write about the beautiful 2000 Chianti I just had or paint trim?  Gotta paint trim.)

What? You don’t know who Bob Vila is?? How is that possible?  Well, let me make it easy for you, using my own terminology.  He’s the George Clooney of home improvement.  Thereyago.

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