2014 Villicana Liquid Hope Rosé – Paso Robles

Villicana Liquid Hope Rose
Villicana Liquid Hope Rose

It’s not often that a wine can be said to actually fulfill an important purpose other than regular old taste and pleasure. But in this case, it’s definitely possible. For the past few years, I have been completely enamored of Rosé wines. I have had bunches of different types of Rosés from various countries. Some of those countries include Italy, Spain, Argentina, and South Africa.

Rosé is a go-to wine for me, and I even count it as my Muse wine. That’s a link to an article published several years ago in the local newspaper about Vegas blogs. A quick look will show you that even then, I was enjoying the Villicana Rosé that’s displaying their older label.  I often write better when I have a glass of Rosé close at hand. Yes, Yes, I know.  Even more than Pinot, believe it or not.

Of course, some of my favorites come from France. It’s hard to deny the gorgeousness of the Rosés of Tavel and Provence. They are beautiful, and they are iconic. That being said, California does more than just a pretty good job of making Rosés as well. For the last couple of years, every time I have visited California, I have come home with more Rosés than just about anything else. This last visit to Paso Robles was no exception. I walked out of Villa San-Juliette, for example, with no less than six bottles of their Rosé wine. I was able to whine a case of Rosé out of the Villicana winery although they were not quite ready for release. I was scored some Syrah Rosés from Eberle, some Summertime from Vines on the Marycrest, and some Hugs and Kisses (Abrazos y Besos) from Hug Cellars. Yes. I went on a Rosé frenzy.

Now settled at home for a couple of weeks and although it wasn’t quite ready yet, I could not resist opening up a bottle of the Villicana Rosé.

I first enjoyed a bottle with Don and Mark over at their home for Sunday brunch. Don had homemade quiche, hash browns, and apple tarts which were ideal with the Villicana.

Villicana Liquid Hope Rose
Villicana Liquid Hope Rose at Don & Mark’s!

A bright pinkish salmon in color, it is fabulous to behold. The nose is luscious; that said, it is what you would expect of a beautiful Rosé. Watermelon, black cherries, a touch of smoke, even a touch of minerality greet you at the first few whiffs. On the palate the taste replicates the nose but adds a firm acidity, a whisper of tannins, and even (to my eager palate) just a touch of cranberries.

However, there is a “grown-up” aspect about it that makes it more than just a light and summery debutante Rosé suited for 20-somethings partying around the pool. I would call this a red wine drinker’s white wine. It is not pale and insipid, and it has the richness that you would expect from a Paso Robles wine.

At 14.5% ABV, it certainly has more cajones than its French cousins. This is definitely a food wine, not easily relegated to just the patio or poolside in the summer. However, this would be fabulous with a weekend late evening summer dinner of salads, light meats, seafood, or risottos and other summer fare.  It also pairs well with writing, because it’s what I’m drinking now as I sit at the keyboard.

But there’s more to this that has nothing to do with the fact that it happens to be a delicious summertime – or anytime – wine.  A portion of the proceeds go to a good cause:

Villicana Liquid Hope Rose
Villicana Liquid Hope Rose

In honor of our loved ones who have gone before us, and those currently facing challenging times, we offer a little liquid hope.  Our Rosé was crafted to be enjoyed today as we know that so many of our friends confronted with illness, and their families, are living in the hopes and possibilities of today, not tomorrow. $1 of every bottle crafted has been donated for cancer support.

It’s absolutely delicious. Be sure to visit Villicana the next time you’re in the Central Coast/Paso Robles Westside area. Make this Rosé one of those you put in this year’s summertime drinking collection.



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