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SOMM 4: Cup of Salvation – My Observations

We don’t have to worry about putting on flak jackets just in case we get shot at because we’re buying grapes. GRAPES!

Desparada! Recovering from Working Elections…

Anyway, the first two days after the last of the presidential primary saw me catching up on much-needed sleep. I tried to have a glass of Syrah on the first evening but ended up wearing it when I dozed off in my recliner.

Does Mollydookering Work on a Rosé?

Even a good wine sitting in an open glass overnight (or longer) can go bad. Like milk. Wine can be like milk.

…That Lovin’ Feeling! A Night with the Righteous!

I'm not a fan of rap music, largely because I like the sound of musical instruments, melody, talented voices, lyrics, harmony, and minimal profanity.

A Vegas Icon – The Sand Dollar Lounge. and Bob

Anyone who visits loves the down-home feeling of Blues, Jazz, and old-time Rock that found a home at The Sand Dollar. Metal, Hard Rock, and Rappers need not apply.

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