My friend John Curtas of EatingLV advised me several years ago to take my time when it comes to reviewing an eatery. He said to visit a place at least three times before writing a review. Except in the cases where I absolutely know I won’t be revisiting or that my next visit may be months away, I’ve taken that pretty much to heart. In fact, in the case of Mise En Place, I’ve probably taken it a little too far. Why? Because I keep waiting for them to mess up and they won’t. Besides, once more people know about it, it’ll be harder for me to get into the really great dinners. Less for me.

Holly, one of my Vegas Wineaux Wine Club Meetup assistant organizers, posted a dinner for Mise En Place on our Club schedule several months ago, and I signed up immediately. It was for the “A Night in Alsace – Signature Wine Dinner” – one of my favorite regions – and I was immediately hooked.

I’ve been there a few times since the first dinner, and although many may think that the dinners are a little on the pricey side, believe me, the value far, far exceeds the cost.

Chef Trey starts the first course
Chef Trey starts the first course

The Truffle dinner – A Truffled Affair – Specialty Dinner Demo – on December 4, for example, was Off. The. Hook. I know that an equivalent dinner at, say, Del Frisco’s, would have easily topped $250. Or so. Mise En Place charged $135 (yes, The Budget™ fainted) and overdelivered.

The chefs work at the live kitchen on the gazillion foot long island, and you can see everything that happens while Marcos (the owner) regales you with educational facts, adventures, and trivia.

Not only did we get a full education on truffles, but we had truffles and wine pairings for six of the seven courses. Only the incredibly creative dessert had no truffles. Kinda.

I’m not going to tell you a lot of what Mise En Place offers to Master Chef wannabes like me; all you have to do is to check out their website. It’s packed with information and way too many tempting events that will actually make you want to separate yourself from your money! As I told a couple of people, I’d rather eat there than at most restaurants I know. Not only is the food good, but there’s entertainment as well. Not quite dinner theater – there is no script – but you’ll be laughing, nodding, and enjoying yourself completely.

So it is with great reluctance that I stop so that I can share with you the photo gallery of my night of truffling. It was awesome, as is Mise En Place.

The Cooking Experience – Mise En Place

9500 S. Eastern Avenue
Suite 170
Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 754-4400


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