1929 RoadsterIf you cruise by The Gallery at Vegas Wineaux, you’re probably thinking that I’ve gone nuts with all of the cars.  Mostly red cars at that.  Okay, so maybe I am.  But there’s a method behind my madness.  I am working on a project tentatively titled “Vintage Cars of Las Vegas” as I spend part of the summer shooting as many images of these fabulous old beauties as I can.  The cars displayed on this site are only a fraction of the images I’ve taken over the last several weeks, and I’m so proud of (most) all of them.  I’ve also found some old images from years past of the great cars owned by old friends.  So this is a labor of love and displays another facet of what makes up the person who is the Vegas Wineaux.

My other summer project is just Las Vegas.  I’m still going through the details in my mind, but let’s just say that this reluctant local will be out and about on the Strip an awful lot!  Of course Vegas is more than justThe Strip – which has been done to death – and the local vibe of Vegas  and surrounding communities have been largely overlooked.  My Las Vegas project is actually going to be much more long term than just the summer, and I’m still working on organizing the details.  While this could easily turn into an encyclopedia of wine, architecture, food, people, landmarks, blah blah blah, I’d rather keep it simple-ish.

Actually, I’m focusing on what’s local and details of the amazing architecture that make up this town.  If that seems rather ambiguous, well, that’s a good thing.  I want to surprise everyone, and I’m having a great time putting all this stuff together.

An old forties vintage vehicle
An Old Vintage Beauty

And as a reminder, a lot of the photography you see is to hone my skills for other projects down the road.  Once again, the ambiguity may seem a little mystifying, but everything will come to light later.  It seems that I always have a project going on!  If the Wineaux Guy and I ever got married, however, I think that would put an end to a lot of my projects!  Happily so, I might add!

And then there’s the Combatting Swirl Envy project… 🙂  {{{sigh}}}  The other projects will be only occasionally touching on wine and wine-related topics, while the Combatting Swirl Envy project is all about wine.  It is my highlight, my centerpiece, and the work and attention to detail required is astonishing.  There will be more on this particular project in the fall when I’ve worked out a few (surprise!) technical issues.  This will tax every organizational cell I have, but it will be well worth it.

Stay tuned!

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