Siegfried & Roy outside of the Mirage
Siegfried & Roy outside of the Mirage

This is the review that I just uploaded into Tripadvisor, and I added a bit to it because I wasn’t sure about the limit I had available on the site. Besides, it hasn’t been approved yet.

The Wineaux Guy™ and I spent some time together during the last few days while he was in town for a convention.  The convention took most of his daylight time, but we were able to spend afternoons and evenings together.  He booked a room at the Mirage Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas because that’s where the convention was held. If the Mirage had been up to snuff on what it offers to people who are paying a lot of money per day for the privilege of staying there, then there wouldn’t be a rant. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, so here’s the rant.


This is really difficult to write because I think that the Mirage is a good hotel, but their attention to detail and basic customer/guest needs are pretty atrocious. The Wineaux Guy™ (TWG) and I spent several days there. I live in Las Vegas, but he was here for a convention, and although he had sworn that he’d never stay at the Mirage again (two years ago), the convention was located there so he had little choice. I will try to go through this Pros and Cons style.

1. Beautiful locale – the Mirage site is stunning. With the volcano, beautiful waterfalls, Siegfried & Roy statutes, incredible shows, stores, and restaurants, the hotel is a showpiece. Even walking down the hallways to the rooms is an experience. On that level, I really like the hotel.

2. Room service – wonderful! The service was excellent, and the rib eye (I think it was rib eye) was delicious. This was one place where attention to detail was noticed and appreciated.

3.  The valets and Bell services – personable and prompt, they do a fabulous job and deserve the tips that we gave them. Absolutely no complaints with the employees at all.



1. At checkin, TWG was able to specify that the treats and refrigerator be emptied because he didn’t want to be charged for items he never used. We’re talking $5 sodas, $8 small bags of nuts, etc. They removed the treats and locked the fridge. Which meant that we had to go down the hallway for ice for our own wines because we couldn’t use the perfectly functioning fridge in the room.

2. No bathmat – I mean, really?!? There was no bathmat our first night there, but of course we didn’t notice it until the next morning at shower time. Well, I had to run and he had to get ready for the convention, so he just left a note to leave a bathmat. Next morning, we had a bathmat. Morning after, no bathmat – for two more days (we were there Wednesday through Sunday).

3. Did not change sheets – They have an “environmental” message stating that they don’t change sheets except upon request. I didn’t see the sign (see the pics) until checkout.

4. Raggedy sheets – there were holes in the top sheet. Holes. At the Mirage, where the price per night is lotsa $$$. Once again, see the photos. Ridiculous.

5. TV out – The TV screen would occasionally freeze for no particular reason that we could fathom. We had to reboot the TV (Samsung, so the TV was a good one) on more than one occasion.

6. Twitchy internet – TWG tried several times to send email, and was shut out every time. Fortunately, I had no issues with my iPad, but then again, I didn’t try to send mail.

7. Bell desk at 5:00 am – after a bunch of phone calls to different numbers at just before 5:00 am, TWG was finally able to get a human on the phone to find someone to come and get luggage to take down to valet. He called the Bell Desk, Concierge, and who knows what else, and finally just called the operator who also had a hard time getting a hold of someone. You’d think that at that hour, there’d be somebody available to answer the phone. To be fair, once he talked to someone, a trolley was at our room within about five minutes.

[aesop_image imgwidth=”100%” img=”” credit=”iPhone 6 Plus” alt=”iPhone 6 Plus – Room at the Mirage Hotel Casino, Las Vegas” align=”left” lightbox=”on” captionposition=”left”]

So there you have it. I’m sort of in a conundrum. The people who actually do the work – with the notable exception of housekeeping – were polite, attentive, did great work and offered exceptional customer service. We understood that they have to work around the Mirage policies, which, frankly, stink.

For instance, I’d love to be able to use the refrigerator in the room that I’m leasing for the night/week/whatever. To have to trek down the hallway to get a bucket of ice to chill personal food or drink items is inexcusable. That means planning ahead to bring a cooler to keep items in because I can’t use the room refrigerator.

Bathmat. Make sure there’s one. ‘Nuff said.

I’d like to have clean sheets at least every other night, and I’d like them to be nicely ironed without holes. Holes. Still shaking my head over that one.

So Mirage gets a mixed rating from me. I give 5 stars to the beauty, attractions, and location of the hotel, and to the employees who did their jobs and offered great customer service. Housekeeping is not included in this. Bathmat. Sheesh.

There’s 1 star for the policies that make staying at (and no doubt working for) the Mirage so difficult. It doesn’t seem too much to ask for clean sheets without holes, a fridge that I can use, room TV service that’s dependable, and stable Internet. Either that or cut the price of a stay. I can get better service (fridge and all) at any Courtyard, and at a far lower cost.

Oh! And this was a blend of Business/Couples. TripAdvisor only gives one choice. And it’s important to note that we are generous tippers.


So there you have it.  I can’t *not* recommend the Mirage, but you have to go in loaded for bear.  If they make fridges available to use without having to pay through the nose to even open it, if they had an inspector to ensure that the sheets are sound, if they have a way to post their environmental policy (aka “No clean sheet for you!”), and if they ensured that their TV service was sound and their Internet stable, I’d have little complaint. But if you stay there, be prepared.  You may end up spending more money than you’d planned for those “gotcha” policies.





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