While going through my old files, I found pictures that I took in 2013 during the staycation with The Wineaux Guy™.  This is more stuff on Las Vegas and how wonderful it can be, even to rather hardened old locals like me.  After all, I live here. If I want to go on vacation, I can go to “New York,” “Venice,” “Rio,” and other places. A few miles drive, valet the car, and I’m good to go.

Some of the photos that I took you may see only on TV, Wikipedia, or a travel site.  As I’ve said more than once, Vegas is as sexy a place as you can imagine to live.  Sorry my fellow Americans, but with few exceptions (New York City, Hollywood, Miami, Chicago, for instance) we’ve pretty much got iconic sexy down.

We stayed at the Mirage and then The Signature – in a balcony suite, I might add – and visited everywhere.  We met friends and ate at Marché Bacchus, we ate at Chef Marc’s Parma, the Stack restaurant in the Mirage, and several others.  Wine flowed freely! Shock, huh?  Be sure to go to the restaurants I mentioned and you won’t be disappointed. The only caveat about the whole week was that the “Mini-Bar” that’s located in some of the Mirage rooms is a rip.  If you so much as move an item in the fridge, they will try to charge you for it. Four bucks for a can of coke, six for a can of Bud Light and eight for a bag of Kettle Chips?!? Really?!?  We moved some of the stuff so that we could have room for the little items that we had – a bottle Williams Selyem Pinot Noir and one of Robert Young Estates Scion for example. At that, Mirage huffily decided that we had sullied their stuff.  There are all kinds of warnings online about the bar; if you decide to stay at the Mirage (a beautiful hotel, by the way), be sure to look up the reviews. Buyer Beware. When we checked out and were on our way to The Signature, Rod had quite the battle at the checkout desk about the bar items.

He won.  Never got an apology or followup, but he refused to pay for items that we never consumed. Imagine that.

Everything at The Signature – from the small eateries to the views to the whirlpool tub – were top notch.  I enjoyed sitting out by the pool while consuming overpriced drinks, and when Rod’s sisters made it into Vegas later in the week, we visited them at their place (sorry! Don’t remember!) Once again, we enjoyed the views and the drinks. Beauteous.

Even though they’re in no particular order, please enjoy the photos, and be sure to visit Vegas soon!






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