Today, February 18, 2015, is National Drink Wine Day!  As noted in the title, I was under the impression that every day is Drink Wine Day! However, I do like the idea of showcasing a special day just for wine drinkage.

First a little about the holiday’s history, which despite everything I’ve tried to research, doesn’t really pinpoint the exact year when this was made more or less a holiday. It’s been about 6,000 years since wine was discovered, and it’s been game on ever since. That is, except for the brief and embarrassing period known as the Volstead Act, i.e., Prohibition, when this most basic of beverages was outlawed. Well, outlawed in every way except for ritual purposes, which is the only way that the wine industry was able to survive this ill-considered legislation.

[quote]As well as saving humans from the dangers of water (something that fish, turtles, frogs, bacteria, paramecia, newts, and alligators mate and crap in every day), wine has been an icon of the most civilized countries for millennia. Vegas Wineaux[/quote]

Well, this isn’t going to be long.  Since, like every other day of celebration where you do what’s expected (think Valentine’s Day), be sure to enjoy a glass of wine. I like to thank the happy accident that discovered that wine is better than water, and the fact that I live in an era where there are so many good wines all over the world.  I will be raising a glass in celebration.

Join me!




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