cep-sb-hopkins-2014Here I go again! Writing about wines that nobody can buy!  I purchased this wine in my allocation from Peay Vineyards last year. Cep is their second label, and even with that, the wines that are made under that label are quite tasty.  In fact, this Spring shipment was all Pinot Noir under the Cep label.  Peay Pinot Noirs are so good that I thought I’d take the chance and get six of the wines.  After they’ve rested a few weeks, I’ll review a bottle and let you know what I think of the wine. The price, by the way, is about half or less of their top-tier, and the wine is sourced from multiple vineyards.

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of many of the California Sauvignon Blancs that I’ve had.  The 2007 Hug Cellars Cedar Lane Vineyard is a notable exception.  I prefer the Sauv Blancs from Bordeaux, the Loire, Chili, New Zealand (although some can be a bit much), and South Africa. South Africa, by the way, truly rocks SB.

The Cep Sauvignon Blanc is better than I expected.  It’s bottled in a German wine style bottle and is sealed under screw cap, as I expected. It’s almost water clear with just a touch of straw. The fragrance – for lack of a better word – is very fresh, with hints of grapefruit, lime peel, gooseberries, and with a dry mineral undertone.  It has a good bracing acidity that’s just mouth-watering enough without being overdone and is very citrusy on the palate. The finish is longer than expected, with a bit of dry mineral and the tartness of a kumquat. Its 13% ABV makes it easy to drink and low on the heat.  It isn’t a world-changing wine, but it is one of the few California Sauv Blancs that I actually like.  This is easily another Ernest Hemingway wine.

Okay, I may have fibbed just a bit.  It is available from a few online vendors, but no longer from the Peay website.  A quick search will bring up several vendors who still have it available.  Get it while you can. This will be a great summer drinker!


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