Apparently, there aren’t a lot of people who actually iron their clothing nowadays. I actually do. However, I can’t *just iron* because ironing is, I admit, boring. Although the wonderful aroma of freshly ironed linens is amazing, it’s boring getting there. And because I’m one of those people who iron my bed sheets and pillowcases, it can be really, really boring!

Because of that, I like having wine while I’m ironing, although I ordinarily have a TV program of some sort droning in the background. Usually Fixer Upper, just because.

My favorite wine to pair with ironing is Rosé, no matter the season. In the summer, it’s usually a Côtes de Provence because it’s a light wine perfect for summer. And besides Phoenix, AZ, nobody does summer like Vegas.

I was in Trader Joe’s a few days ago and saw a brand new (to me) like of Charles Shaw wines, aka Two Buck Chuck. The bottles were actually pretty and eye-catching. So I bought one. The Rosé.

Don’t judge me.

And now at $3.99 a bottle, can it be called Two Buck Chuck anymore? I don’t think so, at least not in good conscience. Four Buck Chuck it is.

First, the Pros

It’s made from organic grapes. That’s a pro on anybody’s book.

It’s pretty.  Almost Cotes de Provence-like in color, it had drawn my eye immediately.

It has an interesting, almost spirits-like cork that can easily be removed and replaced by hand.

Low 11.5% ABV.

It’s budget friendly.

The Cons – the parts I don’t like so much

Not much of a nose. I couldn’t get anything distinctive from it until it had warmed up just a tad, then *maybe* I got a little watermelon and pear. Sort of. And a warm Rosé is no bueno.

Likewise on the palate. I won’t call it faulty – it wasn’t – but I felt it was a little on the bland side. I was hoping for more even with the killer price. $3.99. I mean, damn.

I wanted it to interest me more because an ironing wine is important in my world. With steam, starch, and linen spray (homemade with distilled water and essential oils), I need my ironing wine to be far more interesting than the H²O in the iron.

It *is* Charles Shaw, after all. Thereyago.

So. What’s the Upshot?

It’s a pleasant enough wine, but it pairs poorly with ironing. I know. Weird.


My desire for a decent ironing Rosé is nothing new. I’ve had wines from Trader Joe’s up to SommSelect. Anything from SommSelect pairs horribly with ironing because it’s way out of class. And makes me (and The Budget™) feel guilty. I’ve had the most success with TJ wines because they’re easy to mindlessly drink. And The Budget™ doesn’t mind at all!

And I think I may have found one. It’s a couple of dollars more, but who cares? I’ll let y’all know how it works out. Steam on.




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