There are lots of changes in the wind for Vegas Wineaux, and I want to share a few with you.


I love to do reviews.  What I don’t like to do is write about them; specifically, I don’t like to write about my experience with a wine because I feel that it doesn’t fully convey what I’m feeling with that wine. Because more than a few of my reviews are impromptu, that’s not really a problem and I don’t mind writing a few quick notes.  However, when I purchase or receive a sample of a wine, a liquor, or a beer, I’d much rather share my real-time reactions than rely on my notes.  There’s also something intrinsically unsexy about writing about one’s responses while sitting at the computer and sipping the wine.

It will take a little time to get this going, but you’ll be seeing more by mid-summer, as I will be purchasing/receiving wines specifically for review.  As always, the reviews of wines that are very problematic will not be published because I will contact the retailer, distributor, or winery if I think there’s an issue with that bottle.  Of course, there are some wines that are made to be horrific on purpose, and I don’t mind slamming them. With enthusiasm.


I have really been a slacker in the area of posting videos.  Making videos for vlogging (video blogging for you newbies) is relatively straightforward, but the editing can be a pain.  Well, I decided to suck it up, deal with it, and to post more videos. Well edited, of course.  I finally have the long-coveted pro-level software needed to produce videos of quality, and while there’s a learning curve, I believe the results will be well worth the extra effort.

The videos will be the aforementioned wine, etc., reviews, occasional spotlights on things around Vegas, travels, festivals, etc.  Bear with me as I really start to reveal my inner Spielberg.

The Wineaux Guy™

He did one great video about three years ago, and I loved it.  Since he lives in California, he has access to wines that we may never see here in Nevada.  For instance, he recently had a Mexican wine that he said was quite good, which is a surprise to anyone who doesn’t know that the first “wine country” in the new world was actually in Mexico.  He gave me a telephonic review of the wine, and I asked him to review more wines that he’s had. He’s a great writer, and has promised (and I expect y’all to help me hold him to this!) to do an occasional wine review.  Because of his current workload,  he can’t do them immediately, but we are planning on a video review or two during our Paso Robles vacation.  He’s planning to follow up with a couple during the course of the year.

 Wine Travel

Being a member of the Vegas Wineaux Wine Club is a very good thing! Or, if you can’t be a member, then being the friend of a Vegas Wineaux Wine Club member is a very good thing!

I have been in contact with a wine cruise specialist, and we are in the process of planning wine cruises for club members during the course of the year!  This is a project I had started some years ago, but when the economy crashed, everything came to a screeching, if reluctant, halt.  I never let go of the dream of offering wine cruises to my peeps, and now it’s time!

Along with wine cruises I plan to have wine country outings (wherever that “wine country” may be), brewery tours, and other travel/outing destinations as well.

Stay tuned for more!

Well, there you have it.  These are just the first of many plans in the offing, and I will continue to share what the plans are for the future!

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