So what the heck is “Post”?  It’s the post-production stage of any project involving writing, filming, photography, and all of the associated “stuff” that goes with releasing a quality project that people can enjoy. Generally, it involves an entire staff, even on small projects. Even with that, it often takes longer to develop the final product than it did to produce it; in other words, it takes longer to sift through hundreds of photos than it did to take them in the first place!

Well, after my trip to Paso Robles last month, I’m finding myself eyeballs-deep in post. And I’m the staff!  It’s worth it, though. Some of these photos, video clips, and observations are terrific. I’m fighting a little bit with the after effects of having dropped my “good” camera last year on a sidewalk (that crunching you sound you hear? That’s my budget breaking.) While the brand is made of metal and therefore nothing cracked, it’s still showing a few quirks that didn’t exist before. These quirks have me swearing at my computer when trying to repair a poorly-exposed but beautifully framed pic.

But I digress.

Even if I didn’t have Vegas Wineaux as an outlet, I’d be putting this together for my own pleasure as a sort of travel journal for the San Luis Obispo County wine country.  I did a personal journal in 2009, for instance, when I took my Mom, Aunt Joyce, and my cousin Byron to Utah for a day trip visiting Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.  The photos and video from that trip were burned to DVD and remain a treasure with great memories.

Thanks for your patience as I do my best to churn through the piles of wine photos and stuff in the weeks – maybe months!n –  (instead of days! dammit!) ahead.  It’s so worth it!

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