WARNING: Lots of made-made up words and phrases ahead.

Take THAT, Grammarly!

Yeah Yeah. Again

Real Life™ has been kicking my butt. That, and an incredibly stubborn and apparently incurable case of post-retirement slackerness. There. I admitted it.

So just how is retirement from the day job going?


I am retired in VEGAS! Yes. I rock.

But what I’ve been doing in my spare (haha) time is catching up on years and years of missed naps. You may never know how much sleep you’ve missed in life until you can literally sleep at will. Which, for better or worse, is exactly what I’ve been doing.

My left fibula fully healed within weeks of breaking it – I was attacked by blankets – but because I am a woman “of a certain age,” those pesky ligaments and tendons have taken a while to catch up. Hearing your body creaking when you move can be a little disconcerting.

Over the holidays I spent time with my daughter and her family, and of course, spent a little time with The Wineaux Guy™. We were both busy with our respective families, so our visit was pretty short.

Miscellaneous Stuff

My owie
My gauze cast

A few weeks ago I managed to almost cut off the tip of my left thumb.

“So, Irene, you idiot,” you may be saying, “how in the actual hell did you manage to do that?”

While slicing lemons to make the dressing for my Mediterranean style salad, I stopped to wonder if I needed this particular lemon. During that wondering period, my ridiculously sharp Nakiri met my thumb in that wrinkle in time. It sent me swearing and bleeding to the hall bath to watch all of my lifeblood flow down the drain. Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration.

I missed the Funday Sunday get-together with friends because I spent the rest of the afternoon in Urgent Care. Still swearing, by the way.

A couple of ampules of surgical glue and what I affectionately called my “gauze cast” later, I went home to see lemons scattered on the counter. I had already placed the salad in the fridge to keep cool while I made my awesomely delicious lemon dressing. Which obviously didn’t happen.

So, like any wannabe chef, I said f§Ψk it, opened a bottle of wine – don’t remember which one – and drank it as I sat down and pouted for a couple of hours. And yes, I ate a large bowl of my wondrous salad with bottled dressing.

After six months of club mentoring, I finally completed the last requirements for achieving the status of Distinguished Toastmaster in Toastmasters International. Although I’ve been involved in Toastmasters for years, it’s just been the last few where I focused on my DTM (short for Distinguished Toastmaster). Need a wine-savvy speaker with world-class presentation skills? I’m your girl! It’s what I did for nearly 26 years at The Day Job™!

Future Fame? Maybe?

I’m also finally indulging my inner Nora Roberts (romance novel aficionados will recognize that name) and tackling my first novel. It has been crazily time-consuming and cuss-inducing.

And I love it. While not exactly a bodice-ripper – our heroine could probably kick our hero’s ass if he tried anything she didn’t want – it’s still a story of love, conflict, reconciliation, and riding into sunsets. Figuratively speaking. But this is the stuff that has my brain working all of the time.

What about Wine Stuff?

Even we speak, I have a crapload of wine stuff to do.

In between writing love scenes about stuff I’ve never done (imagination, people!), I’m also studying for my WSET 3 exam that I’ll be taking in March. If you recall, I passed with distinction WSET2 last year. I’m hoping to repeat that success this year.

Puppy goals

My plans to continue to earn the DipWSET (the Diploma, highest level in WSET, and a requirement before attempting the Master of Wine) after passing the WSET3, however, came to a skidding halt. Why? Because I decided that unless I get a scholarship of some sort because $$$$, I will use that money to do other things.

Such as going to Japan later this year to visit my youngest son and his family.

Or going to New Zealand.

Or to wherever! Maybe Europe.

Or a puppy.


Well, I’m planning some. Best laid plans and all notwithstanding.

Condoms! Reviewing soon!

More real reviews. Of everything that’s reviewable. I’ve realized over the course of the last few slacker months exactly how much I depend on reviews whenever money spending is involved.

I decided to share some of my observations and reviews of my various experiences ranging from shows (this is Vegas, after all), restaurants, purchases, condoms, etc.

Rein in your dirty mind! There’s a logical explanation there. Really. Trust me.

In addition, I’ve begun to formulate plans on my long-neglected YouTube channel. Not quite sure what I’m going to do yet, but like a lump of dough that’s being kneaded into something that’s smooth and silky, it’s coming together. See? I can wax poetic if I need to!

Stay tuned for more!



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