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My stack of Wine Spectator mags!
My stack of Wine Spectator mags!

I dove into wine as a serious subject about fourteen years ago, although I’d always liked it as “just” a beverage for quite a while. Early on, I decided that subscribing to one of the most respected wine journals would be a good way for me to acquire as much knowledge as possible. I was at first a little skeptical because it is “just” a magazine.

I have now been a subscriber to Wine Spectator (off and on…mostly on) for at least a dozen years and, along with classes and recommended textbooks, it has been a key part in my ongoing wine education. It’s the usual “the more you know, the more you realize that there’s a lot you don’t know.” The magazine is listed as one of those recommended for study for the Certified Wine Educator award by the Society of Wine Educators. That tells me that I’m on the right track!

The Grand Tour!

Wine Spectator’s Grand Tour will be here in Vegas on May 5, and it will be the first time I’ve had the opportunity to attend. Several friends of mine have attended since the very first Grand Tour ten years ago. The event will be held at its usual home, The Mirage on the Strip. There are 244 wines, all rated 90 points and better, available for tasting. I’ve already burned a candle for my liver.

Grand Tour Logo
Grand Tour Logo

Although my primary focus will be to photograph, video, and, if possible, interview a winemaker or two, I hope to be able to sample some of the glorious wines while I’m there. I have no doubt that the lines at the First Growth tables will be crazy long! Because of the sheer number of wines that will be available, I’ve actually worked to try to narrow my focus to a select few, some of which may be a surprise!

Deepest thanks and appreciation to Wine Spectator for offering me the opportunity to attend this grand event. Stay tuned for my report – it may take a day or two to pull everything together, but I can’t wait to share!







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