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Zach with one of the performers at the VenetianZach is my oldest son, and he was born a Wineaux. Erena, my daughter, likes wine, but is busy running after two children and doesn’t yet have the luxury of enjoying a glass of really fine wine on a regular basis.  My youngest son, Matt, likes beer. {{{sigh}}}

My mother (their grandmother) has been quite ill recently, and that has brought us together even closer.  A couple of days ago Zach and I visited her the evening before her second brain surgery, and was pleased to see that in spite of the sedatives that she was enjoying experiencing, she was quite happy to see him. She’s recuperating nicely, by the way, and in spite of her 91+ years, we expect a full recovery.

After visiting her, we decided to go out to have some dinner together and it turned out to be quite the evening of exploring.

Zach has had the fortune of working in some of the best restaurants in Vegas.  He seems to be in demand, and is largely unaware of his relative celebrity; remind me to tell you his Mike Tyson story one day! The Taqueria Canoñita, Tommy Bahamas, Double Helix, and B&B Restaurant count in his resume.  Since I love the food and beverage industry, I’m quite envious! He’s now working as a bartender at Maggiano’s at the Fashion Show Mall, and loves his job.

After visiting Mom in the hospital, it was time to relax.  First stop – B&B Ristorante!

B&B Ristorante is located on the casino level of the Venetian along with a few other drool-worthy establishments such as Delmonico and Posterino. Like those restaurants, B&B has an incredible wine list with prices ranging from just a few dollars a glass to OMG I need to hit Megabucks.  The colors are warm, muted, and romantic.  The staff is highly trained and knowledgeable.  The food is out of this world and the wines – every one that I’ve been able to taste so far – are likewise.

A beautiful Barbera d’Alba was presented, and I enjoyed the flavors that were so reminiscent of Pinot Noir; the aromas and flavors were earthy, with a touch of dark cherries and smoke. Yet it was still unPinot-like with its own Italian (do I hear Al Martino’s voice?) flair.  Yum.

Eric was the bartender, by the way. He makes a killer cocktail with blueberries, gin, and basil. Gotta try it!

We eventually wandered down to Carnevino, where we ordered some ramps, and it was my first very delicious taste of the vegetable.  And of course there was more wine.  Of course. Carnevino has a different vibe than most of the fine restaurants in the Venetian/Palazzo complex. Its bar has to be the longest I’ve ever seen in any restaurant.

I must confess that some of my favorite Strip restaurants are at the Venetian and Palazzo. And even though Zach doesn’t work there any more, I still like to pop in from time to time to enjoy a meal.  The Wineaux Guy and I treated both of his sisters who were visiting in town last year at the Cañonita, and they were enthralled by the gondolas and the singing gondoliers.

As the family continues to worry about the family matriarch’s health, it’s good to know that there are places where I can get away from time to time and enjoy the company of great friends, beloved family, and terrific wine and food.

Coming soon:  my first “Eddie”!

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